Refusing to Settle

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How Long does it REALLY take to make passive income? How long does it take? Could literally make it tomorrow. Could take you the slow way (like me) researching and learning for 5-years. Think about Chinese bamboo tree - grow 60ft in 2 weeks or 60ft in 5-years — all depends. So let’s talk about HOW to speed it up Look, the answer is NO ONE can answer that. How long did it take me? Started making income day one, but it wasn’t a lot. Couple hundred bucks here and there. It REALLY exploded exponentially once I learned marketing, sales, and systems. Some other tips for you and thoughts: what is the fertilizer metaphorically:

1. learn from models “mentors” - DON’T ask. Just decide. “coaches” - everyone has a coach

2. Switch places exercise Who would you want to switch places with? Now, deconstruct everything they do. Become almost stalker obsessed. Buy EVERY product they have. Listen to EVERY interview they’ve done. Know ALL their speaking points/bits. (i.e: I did with Tony Robbins, early Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogen, Russell Brunson, etc)

3. start trying today NEED to get started TODAY. i.e. VBA course: Student who was going through it all before filming a video commented on it. I forbid him from continuing because he needed to FILM his first video first. That way, everything will matter more and be more relatable. i.e. College: Students who had work exp. were always better motivated than us who came from high school. They applied things already and knew what to look for. YOU CAN’T LEARN TO SURF FROM A TEXTBOOK

stop settling start living


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