Refusing to Settle

In this video, I’m not just gonna list 10 highest paying jobs that DON'T require a college degree. You will discover how to make money with no college degree. Even if you're graduating high school and don't have a college degree or went to college.

There are 50+ legit jobs that could have made this list. I took 10 favorite and realistic ones for you that don’t have as much of earning cap so you can make the most money from each.

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1. Web Developer: $74k/yr — Most videos will say, “just be a web developer” or “work for facebook” I want to give you ONE deeper. My friend Tyler started in fitness health building website for his mom sell first product — got so well designed someone asked if he could do their “funnel” — now has agency and hiring team. ► Tyler Email: ► Free ClickFunnels Masterclass:

2. Freelance Writer: Are you good at writing? Love MLA and APA format? Get off on citations and annotated bib… well then this job’s not for you. It’s for the SELLOUTS who ONLY care about writing to make money, NOT as “an art form.” Dan Lok — First “High Income Skill” something that can make you $10k/mo.

3. Postal Service Worker ($57k): Government job - good benefits! Get to wear short shorts and get WAY more than 10k steps in a day. — In fact I have a trusted INSIDE source on Yahoo answers One of the MOST prestigious places to get info from who said he that he tracked his fitbit for 3 years and got between 25k and 45k STEPS PER DAY!

4. YouTuber: SHOCKING TO ME: 97% YouTubers don’t make over $17k/yr. Because they’re BROKE! You need to be a good marketer — if you know how to make money off YouTube (not on YouTube) the sky is the limit. Video Breakthrough Academy 🎬

5. Funeral Director ($56k): You guys want a curve ball? Here’s one: Funeral Director. If you’re okay with this it can be a really lucrative gig. People are not exactly… DYING to get into this profession… Follow Me On Instagram: @clarkkegley



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Refusing to settle,


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