Refusing to Settle

Hey Refuser - here's a vlog behind the scenes look at what actually happens in a mastermind. Hope these "week in a life" vlogs are useful to show you what it actually looks like to build an authentic, long-term, seven-figure business. Apply to Work 1 on 1 With Clark: ► (serious applicants only) Ready to escape the 9 to 5 soul-sucking grind? I'm looking for 20 ambitious men who want to make $10k/mo online and build a REAL business over 12-months

This is the second mastermind I attended. It's the Vince Del Monte 7-Figure Mastermind in Vancouver BC. Guest speaker for this was Dan Lok. Also threw in some behind the scenes tour band footage. Follow behind the scenes in real time on IG: @clarkkegley



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Refusing to settle,


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