Refusing to Settle

Real food. Real Results. Is it really possible to get absolutly shreded with only 5 min of sprints a day? Can you REALLY acheive optimal health while eating WHOLE sticks of Raw Organic Butter? My next guss sure can. Today we have the none other than the Fat Burning Man Abel James from the #1 Fitness and Nutrition podcast on iTunes. Abel and I touch on why you should chase your coffee with your vodka. How eating almost all fat is brain food. Why you shouldn't be a soy sucker and why you won't see Abel fist pumping on the jersey shore anytime soon. And how dubstep just might be worse for you than Justin Beiber or Ke$ha for your musical brain!

Speed round topics: Superfoods, Supplements, Safe Carbs, Paleo Primal, Coffee

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