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CLARK DANGER : Top 8 Things I Learned in 2012 : Personal Development

Hey dude! We got something a little different this week, you up for it? As you know, I'm HUGE on mindset. Each month I'll be going solo to bring you some of the biggest / most impactful / personal development ideas and practices. I hope you get something out of this week's session as I go through my top 8 things I learned about Personal Development in 2012. 

Success leaves clues. Why take one new massive goals when you haven’t even reflected upon this past year’s success? I guess that’s why I’ve never been good nor seen the point with “New Years Resolutions”. If you want to replicate ANY form of success, you need to REFLECT on WHY and HOW you were successful. It is for this reason I feel that it’s much more important to reflect upon what you’ve learned over the past year. It’s in the reflection that we are reminded of life’s lessons.

As always: can’t WAIT to hear your feedback at the end! Which lessons did you connect with? Where in your life did you experience something similar?

Real quick: I’d also like to note that I’m in no way trying to sound preachy. These are as much reminders for myself to look back on throughout the years as they are to you! May we all get something out of these!


Top 8 Things I Learned About: Personal Development 

1. “WHAT ONE CAN BE, ONE MUST BE” In short, this has become my life’s philosophy. What Abraham Maslow is saying is that all of us have this divinely inspired need of self-actualization. It’s corny but true, that everyone is as unique on the inside as they are on the outside. The universe NEVER recreates. You were put here for a distinct purpose. We must fully express ourselves and use our unique gifts / services to better serve the world. Don’t cheat us from your unique gifts!

2. THERE’S NO “HOLY GRAILS”. “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Did you know that back in Jefferson’s day, the word “pursuit” actually meant, “PRACTICE”? Pretty different than our common interpretation of “to chase after”. If we want happiness, whatever that means to us, we can’t be caught up in this Holy Grail chase of “one day”. We must practice it EVERYday. VIDEO:

3. EXPRESS OR DEPRESS . Probably my most important lesson this year. Everything in nature has a polar opposite. There’s hot / cold, night / day, male / female, depression / expression. If you want to get out of a rut, you NEED to express yourself. This looks totally different for everyone. My favorite way is through Dynamic Drumming Meditation. All you drumming buddies know what I mean! EXPRESS OR DEPRESS!

4. CONSISTENCY ON THE FUNDAMENTALS. Not taking time for yourself is like saying that you’re too busy driving to stop for gas! Ridiculous right!? Yet we do this SO much. Doing the fundamentals or things that FILL you up is a must. My big ones are: Exercise, good nutrition, proper hydration, expression, restful sleep, and personal development books. What are yours!? Do them!

5. REAL COURAGE IS… Real courage is NOT getting rid of fear; REAL courage is taking action in spite of fear. I feel there’s a huge myth in our society that we’ll “one day” or “somehow” completely rid ourselves of fear. Let’s listen to good ol’ Mark Twain with this gem: “courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” Take action. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Begin it today.

6. WHEN YOU’RE GREEN YOU’RE GROWING “When you’re green, you’re growing. When you’re ripe, you start to rot.” -Ray Kroc. In short, never stop learning. Oh MAN is this true! There’s something so beautiful about growth. As is in nature when something stops growing, it dies. The same is true with us! You may not die in a literal sense, but you’ll be one of those people who die at the age of 25 and continue walking around like a zombie till 70! Never. Stop. Learning.

7. KNOLEDGE COMES IN THE REFLECTION I’ll be the first to admit, this one’s super hard for me to practice. I feel the constant need to be in the “Action Mode” when in reality, real growth happens in the “Reflection Mode”. Journaling has become a huge practice of mine. I feel that this is where everything really soaks in. Knowledge without application is useless.

8. 95% A BITCH, 100% A BREEZE How true is this title? There’s that monkey on your back when you don’t fully commit. It’s always going to beg the question of “is this the 5% day?” That 5% will start turning into 50, then pretty soon you quit! When you’re REALLY 100%, there’s NO question and NO guess work! It’s a breeze because there’s no thinking! Take the 100% and live it!

Thanks for the support guys!

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