Refusing to Settle

You've Probably seen the Wolf Of Wall Street and Been Captivated By Scenes where Jordan Belfort is motivating room and thought “WOW” How can I get that!?

I watched it for the 5th time the other night and led me down a rabbit hole of revisiting best public speakers. So in this video, we’re going to look at two who I consider being the best at commanding a room: Jordan Belfort, and Tony Robbins.

By the time you’re done watching this video, you’ll have FOUR things that you can do in any situation with REAL examples of the world’s best doing them. But it doesn’t end there, I’ve curated hours of footage and distilled it down for you to give you the BEST examples of two masters doing them so you can see this in action so that you SEE WHY they’re so effective.

This video is essential If:

✅ you’re an Entrepreneur - how are you gonna get anywhere without persuading people to your way of thinking?

✅ you’re YouTuber trying to come across natural in videos - these 4 simple things are a game changer.

✅ you have a presentation tomorrow for Public speaking class you want to nail

✅ you get nervous talking with friends, Trouble getting people to like you, keep watching and hit that thumbs up now.

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Refusing to settle,


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