Refusing to Settle

Get on the waitlist for the NEW Course, "Courses That Crush" (LAUNCHING SPECIAL THIS WEEK) I know what you're thinking...... “do people REALLY still open emails, Clark…?” The answer is Absolutely! And it's still SUPER effective. So in this two-part series, we're going over how to start email list building and email marketing for beginners! ‼️ RESOURCES MENTIONED:

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▸👨‍💻 Aweber -- This is my favorite email service provider. How I send emails to thousands of people for very inexpensively.

▸ 💰ClickFunnels [FREE TRIAL] -- The Landing page Builder I Use to Collect Emails. I Pretty Much Run My Entire Business Off ClickFunnels As They Are Fantastic and Truely A Gamechanger.

▸🎬 [FREE] Learn How To Start A Six Figure YouTube Channel(CLOSING SOON) There's an old Internet Marketing Saying “The money is in the list” and If you want to make the LASTING passive income I don’t care WHO you are or WHAT business you’re in, you NEED to get good with email marketing. In this video, I’m going to give you 4 Powerhouse tips on how to get started with email marketing and building your email list.

refusing to settle,


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