Refusing to Settle

#030 The Way of the Superior Man - David Deida pt. 1

Some insights and lessons learned.

1. Stop hoping for completion

2. Life as if your father was dead

3. Live at your true edge

4. Never change your mind to please your woman

5. Discover your purpose now

6. Enjoy your friends criticisms 

7. Don't use your family as an excuse



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The "Dude! Where's My Life?" Podcast is an uncommon approach to personal development, lifestyle design and getting your s**t together! I Synthesize the BEST lessons I've learned throughout life. Failing a TON and messing up so you don't have to! Topics include: Lifestyle design, Behavior Change, Sex, Money, Mindset, Manhood, Authenticity, Relationships, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Holistic Health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, paleo, low carb, fat loss, muscle gaining, being unstoppable and more! Be sure to leave a review / rating if you dig it! Stop Settling, Start Living.


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