Refusing to Settle

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How do you Avoid Scams? You master things called “Weapons of influence” — know them, use as powerful tools. Don’t know them, they get used against you. These FREE tools you can use to win people towards your way of thinking. Today we’re going over 10 of those in the book of the month: Influence — They Science of Persuasion. Welcome back refusers to the channel where we help millennial entrepreneurs and future millionaires refuse the 9 to 5, make passive income, and earn their freedom.

What We'll Cover:

SOCIAL PROOF Nothing Draws a crowd… quite like a crowd. Look to others to guide them. would you rather click a add on facebook that NO ONE has liked or one with heart emojis and smily? Even kids delete IG posts if not performing well in first 15 min. Everyone is doing it! Super powerful.

SCARCITY LIMITED time only! Only 3 left in stock. Amazon. When something’s getting taken away we want it more! “Going out of business” or tragic, but when an artist dies and BLOW up bigger than they were!

LIKING We gravitate to people who share similar views, values, or areas like us. (1. Similar 2. Compliments and 3. Mutual Goals) CUT people off in traffic = IN box that distances everyone. No longer human, it’s a car. We’re NOT like them! would you do that in the grocery store? Mimic body language

Reciprocation The NEED to reciprocate — keep mental unconscious tabs on favors. Mints in the restaurant. Tips went up crazy (3%) two mints = go up 14% but when smile and say for you two = 23%. (mint, fortune cookie, a smile on receipt). Monks at airport w/ flowers


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refusing to settle,


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