Refusing to Settle

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How do you crack the code to wealth and live rich for a lifetime? Does this sound like an infomercial already? Going over that with 10 BEST ideas from “The Millionaire Fastlane” — It’s Clark from Refusing to Settle dot com — let’s go! Love this book - kind of… more like love-hate. Which is the vibe I get from MJ DeMarco. He’s kinda like the older uncle you never had. One thing I know is that he says 100% of what he means w/o sugar coating and that’s refreshing! One thing I will say, if you agree that the “slow lane” is bad (i.e. work for 40years then retire, get rich slow, etc) then skip the first 2/3 of the book. The whole first 200+ pages are just changing your beliefs about money, business, and life timelines.

Get rich QUICK! This DOES exist! The basketball player who signs the 30M contract. The artist who’s song tops billboard and cashes in The entrepreneur who sells his company and is worth $2M overnight. Get rich QUICK does exist - and it’s worth pursuing. Get rich EASY does NOT exist! Can’t take shortcuts because there are none.


3. The Slow lane

4. CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! They WANT passive income…. without working They WANT a business…. without a product They WANT comfort now… AND brilliantly successful business they never had to sacrifice for. Kind of like that story about baker “who will help me bake the cake?”

5. N: NEED - don’t do what you love. Fill a demand. HEALTH - WEALTH - RELATIONSHIPS Sell them what they want, GIVE them what they need!

6. E: ENTRY E: ENTRY - if anyone can start your business, probably not best to be in. (Ie. MLM, Network Marketing, life coach, etc). In a gold rush, done dig for gold, sell shovels!

7. X…? C: CONTROL if you’re not driving, who is? Responsibility 100%. Control every aspect of the company. Don’t crash. Don’t hitchhike, drive.

8. T: TIME passive income 24/7 vs an active 40hrs week. Can you detach yourself from business? If you can’t, you have a job.

9. EDUCATE slow laners need credentials to keep learning. Fast lanes constantly invest into mind. Need to get good at pulling out a wallet and paying.

stop settling start living


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