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10 Signs You Will Become Successful

Hey refusers, Clark back from - entrepreneur, drummer, and journal nerd. Today's video is a good one! We're going over the TEN signs you will become successful one day. These are the signs all successful people have.

1. You Refuse to Settle

2. You Value Energy Above All
Time/Energy/Money = 3 currencies of life

3. You Pursue Side Projects
GOOGLE: 20% time. Use that 20% time to explore.

4. You Commit to Never Ending Improvement
Everyone who’s good at something was once awful at it!

5. You Only Move Forward
“If I could start over today, would I still be doing _______”
Don’t let past influence future — don’t let present hold you back form tomorrow.

6. You Bank On Work, Not Luck

7. You Can Figure It Our Yourself

8. You’re Not Afraid to Ask For Help When You Can’t
If you want to become a millionaire, stop spending time on $10/hr tasks. It’s okay to pay for help — outsource. Sign of strength.
TIP: Know the basics first before you outsource or ask for help — MUCH easier for you to learn, and MUCH easier for another person to help you.

9. You Collect Experiences, Not Things
life is about getting the most experiences. If you have valuable, memorable, life changing experiences before the end, you win.

10. You Know It’s About The Execution, Not The Ideas
i.e. “The Snuggie" and the death of the million dollar idea. Sold 30M units in first five years. Over half a billion dollars off a blanket with two sleeves from Dr. Suess.

Stop settling start living

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