Refusing to Settle

Welcome back to the Money Monday series on Refusing to Settle! Miss an episode? Watch this playlist next ▸ Money Mondays | In this video, we're going through 21 money affirmations. Throw this video on and use the law of attraction so you can begin manifesting money into your life!

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I am so happy and grateful now that all the money I want flows to me in increasing quantities, through multiple sources I am a magnet for money. I am WORTHY of making money. I deserve wealth. I now move from poverty thinking, to abundance thinking. I am FULLY OPEN and RECEPTIVE to all the wealth life offers me. I am debt-free, as money is constantly flowing into my life I am a MAGNET for wealth and money I accept wealth CONSTANTLY flowing into my life. I believe my past does NOT equal my future. My future rich life with money starts NOW. I release ALL negative energy over money NOW. I am NOW letting go of what’s held me back with money in the past. I embrace being a rich person FULLY. I am a rich person. I believe money and Love DO co-exist I believe money is NOT the root of all evil. I believe more money does NOT equal MORE problems. I am aware that more MONEY equals MORE opportunities for me to give to others and change the world. I am a generous person with my wealth - giving to others in need. I accept that money is a positive force for GOOD. I feel money comes to me NOW and I accept ALL of it.

Refusing to settle, 


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