Refusing to Settle

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Listen to this, ANYTHING you do - you NEED to sell. I work with SO many creatives. I WAS a FORMER creative turned sales and marketer - that’s when I started making good money and got out of creative stress doom and gloom! clark from refusing to settle dot com. Let’s go! The last video: Spoke about the creative vs. the marketer and that marketers make the money. Remember that no one is gonna come to the heavy lifting for you - learn this stuff is up to YOU! Let’s talk about ethical selling. First two are MOST important! — most people’s response is “I’ll do it tomorrow”

1. Scarcity “IT’S RUNNING OUT or MIGHT GO AWAY” i.e. I got IG add on some jeans that looked cool - checked out the store, found these jeans that were alright, then I saw “sold out” and I WANTED THEM! Signed up for the waitlist email notification - got an email and bought them! i.e. Amazon ”only 3 left in stock.” i.e. Only 200 spots available

2. Urgency “WHY YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION NOW!” Default response is “I’ll do it later” Tasks expand to the time allotted — Parkinsons Law. i.e. Offer expires i.e. Bonuses end Monday





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