Refusing to Settle

5 signs you will become rich one day

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I know you. You see someone who has money. You picture yourself there one day. It’s so real you can practically feel it. But how do you know it will happen one day? In this video, we’re going over 5 signs you will become rich one day.

1. entrepreneur mindset A) people pay me for my value, not my time

2. entrepreneur mindset STORY: Bill Gates — cubical for 10 years. Crazy madman. Computers? Come on. B) be willing to work for NOTHING humility — “i’ve never worked a job I was too good for” Ashton Kutcher. ME: Scrubbing toilets in college — embarrassing. Listened to Podcasts/Audiobooks.

3. investor mindset STORY: Shark Tank: look for one thing — investment opportunity (EVEN If company is on paper profitable. They say “you’re a product, not a business”) Be able to use PAST to see trajectory in FUTURE (experience) value investing (Warren Buffett term $80B)

4. use hardship to drive you, not discourage you STORY: Remember drumming. First motivation was to impress girl in middle school -- tap into your pain feel that pain of rejection feel that pain of “prove them wrong” — harness it to fuel success EX: Mark Zuckerberg in social network - rejection from girlfriend fuels “hot or not”

5. spend money where it counts STUDY: Millionaire Next door Survey: 1,000 millionaires over half never brought suit above $400 or watch above $235) — even when you DO get the money, don’t have to keep up with lifestyle grow your income, not your lifestyle GETTING rich and STAYING rich are two different things. willing to invest in YOURSELF willing to invest in YOUR BUSINESS

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