Refusing to Settle

Ahh — passive income, the HOLY grail. Work from anywhere. Kickback with pinna colloids, take out your laptop on the beach and MAKE MONEY in your swimsuit! Sounds great right?

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Wake up whenever you want. NO Boss. NO schedule. NO hours, after all, passive income works FOR YOU making money 24/7-365, RIGHT?! Well not so fast. Cause in this video we’re exposing the 6 MYTHS about passive income they never told you. You literally CAN’T afford to miss what I’m about to share with you in this video… I hope this video illuminated some common myths people have around passive income. At the end of the day, it IS worth pursuing. But if you’re doing it from a place of escapism, you won’t find it. Passive income takes REAL work, patience, and growth to get the benefits. But doesn’t everything good in life? I think you already knew that deep down — hope this video helped. Please share it with fellow entrepreneurs. Like it and comment with the myth that hit you hardest!

refusing to settle,


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