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7 POWERful public speaking tips- NEVER GET NERVOUS AGAIN It’s time to make you look good the next time you have to speak in public! Here are 7 awesome tips you can use next time it’s your time to shine.

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Hey Refusers, Clark back again from Now whether you know it or not — you WILL have to do public speaking. Maybe you just want to get better at Snapchat or Instagram video stories, not feel like an idiot? Toast at a wedding? Interview with multiple people? Run a business and do videos? If these events cause anxiety or nerves, you’re not alone. 3/4 of Americans report fear of public speaking — ranks in top 10 phobias (above small spaces, spiders, even death) I can’t give you a way around it. Sorry. But I can give you 7 ways to hopefully ease the nerves: 2 Tips on how to NOT get nervous then 5 Tactics on how to CRUSH what you say. Things you can do literally use today if you have a speech in like, an hour. Sound good? 1. EMBRACE THE NERVES Tiger Woods best golfer on earth says “The day he’s not nervous is the day he quits” because nerves correlate with passion. I’m on the road. Backstage before a show at the festival to 4k people. Everyone is nervous. Because of we all care! Realize that because you’re nervous — is BECAUSE YOU CARE! Not a bad thing you’re trying to get rid of, it’s a GOOD thing and sign you should take action. 2. DO NOT PICTURE AUDIENCE NAKED That’s gross. Trust me, you DON’T want to see most of the audience naked… unless you’re into big group nudity. But that’s none of my business. Just picture audience as ONE to ONE communication. Most people hate PS because they picture it ONE to 500, ONE to 1000, ONE to 5 - etc. Now FIVE tactical stuff 3. ASK W.I.F.F.I.M WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? = that line right there will make you millions. Notice how I start my videos — what’s in it FOR YOU. Not how great i am (although that would be the best video in the world). WHY do they care? WHY are they there? WHY are they listening to you? Frame what you talk about in this mode. 4. SLOW DOWN AVG speaking pace around 110 -150 WPM. Most people get on stage and go 200WPM. SLOW it down. EX: Last mile of one mile each lap feel like run faster than previous. Minimize caffeine before the event. 5. GIVE THEM ANCHORS Notice how you’re still watching this right now I’m willing to bet it’s because you’re waiting for the next number I’m essentially giving you a checklist (1-7) and as we’re going down it you’re getting the satisfaction of completing a number. Checking off in your mind. DO that with audience. Say “A,B,C” or “1,2,3” or “the 3 things I want to talk about today” NOTE: DO NOT say “the 34 things today” 6. TRIM THE FAT Lose someone’s attention in first 10 seconds you’ve lost them forever. Cut as much as possible For me struggle with these videos is that I want to get WHY you should listen, INTRO of what we’re talking about, then points. Like book summary. So I’ve started putting point 1. turned into the introduction (tools of Titans) Has worked great. 7. STROY, STUDY, EXAMPLE How I write outlines (If you’re in VBA you know this. Walk you through and give you outlines) stop settling start living clark

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