Refusing to Settle

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. Let's talk about the lazy way to make money online: affiliate marketing! ► Free YouTube Passive Income Course:

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1. WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING? Lazy method because YOU don’t create the product. You promote the product. LOTS of creators are not good promoters. Or understand that building an audience requires work and is valuable, so they give you a cut or commission for each unit you sell

2. WHO DOES AFFILIATE MARKETING? Oprah Casey Neistat Insert favorite youtube star — ALL Use it!

3. WHY DO THIS WIN for you WIN for customer WIN for company

3. HOW TO DO THIS Give CONTENT — not all pitch DO it OFTEN — don’t condition subscribers or list that it’s all free NEVER pitching anything. It’s not a NEGATIVE thing to sell products you believe in. You have a moral obligation to get it in the hands of as many people as possible if it can help them! Organifi promo — Not the best route. Completely direct. Not a whole lot of content.

How I saved Money — way better with Qapital. Case study video. Show them, don’t tell them.


i.e. Social Bluebook

i.e. Companies who reach out to you

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