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How to Stop Procrastinating — 4 Steps to END PROCRASTINATION TODAY

Okay refusers - let’s talk about procrastination!
In this video, I'm going to give you 4 ways to END procrastination for GOOD. Here are some of the BEST strategies you can use in the next 5 minutes on how to overcome procrastination for GOOD.

Remember: “The sooner you fall behind the more time you have to catch up”

1. Simplify

Procrastination comes from one of two things:

A) Overwhelm — TOO much to do, TOO many decisions, don’t choose any (EX: Jam Study) — found 20% of people

B) Perfectionism — HAS to be perfect or it can’t be done. (EX: Editing videos) Lower your quota! Health: Eat ONE healthy meal Music: Play ONE note (rick rubin) Business: One sales call Writing: two crappy pages of writing per day (TF) Break down into simplest form — chunking. START with what you like best (intro, hook, joke, etc) QUESTION: What would this look like if it were easy?

2. Be Productive, Not Busy
QUESTION: Am I being busy or productive?
Excuse and cop out. (EX: Outlining videos vs. filming them)(EX: Anatomy Physiology text book, highlight/annotate but didn’t learn info)

3. NOT to Do List
Put first things first — create RULES
Busy or productive? Do things right or do the right things?
Set some rules for yourself — example: No email outside of my home. Delete off phone. Stress out constantly. Feels productive, but it’s a happiness sucker.

4. Just Show Up
The War of Art — amateur vs. pro = they show up.
Consistency is hard to feel good about but the ONLY way to get what you want. (i.e. ripped six pack? investing money? relationship?) Little improvements — the power of 1%. What would it be like if you proved 1% each day? EX: Mandarin (learn word each day. Ni how/she she) = 365 words one year! Dr. Sues wrote Cat and The Hat with only 100 words - then Green eggs ham with 50!! Best selling children books of all time. How do you overcome procrastination? You Simplify, Be productive (not just busy), create a NOT to do list, and you Show Up.

Stop settling start living

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