Refusing to Settle

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What is the NUMBER one tip for new youtubers in 2018? I'll tell you that in this quick video! This is the ONE tip for 2018 if you want to get on youtube. Clark from refusing to settle dot com. Let’s go! QUESTION: “Hey Clark, I Hope I’m not bothering you. If I Am, just hit reply and tell me, i’m a business owner, I get emails too, too many, and it drives me crazy when they are not what I need (sometimes they are spot on though, that’s why I’m sending this one). Here is a quick recap of last time. Would you mind answering this one question? What’s your number 1 tip for up and coming YouTubers that want to grow their audience and/or revenue from YouTUbe in 2018? All the Best, -Matic”


People go to you for your energy, not your content My 50-50 challenge, sales went through ROOF! if you’re just starting… gonna get you SO much further FASTER! 365-chances to go viral! Vs. 52…? Batch Tasks Keep a Casual Set up (like this) Schedule consistent film time routine. Create a video content bank — show you this in VBA and BSS

stop settling start living


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