Refusing to Settle

Daily Videos for 50 Days - What I learned doing a video everyday for 50 days. Here ar my real on screen results plus best lessons learned. Enjoy!

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Results from 50/50: Tangible: Stuff I can prove w/ numbers Intangible: Stuff I can’t prove w/ numbers Why did I do 50/50? Shoutout to Aaron Doughty: channeled me for two reasons: A) The ONE Thing in your business B) People come to you for your energy, not your content


Facebook Group joins - threw the roof. Went from 1k to over 3k!! growing at 50-100/day. Clickbank sales - constant throughout. subscribers Feedback from friends: see my videos on homepage more New algorithm changes — frequency over subscriber total # dial in systems BULK = #1 key to success Outline = BULK Film = BULK Post = BULK Thumb = BULK new skill photoshop and thumbnails dove in and learned it Able to create, film, edit, launch new course start to finish was able to put out new course! Crazy - in just 50-days WHILE doing challenge… Normally take 3-months doing course and ONLY a course.


More chances to win 1 per week = 52 chances 2 per week = 104 chances 7 per week = 365 chances Law of averages - more NOs = more YES’s

stop settling start living


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