Refusing to Settle

Are you READY fot today's show!? We got our main man Mr. Shi(f)t aka Dean Dwyer! Dean is such a solid dude, as well the author to the hit book "Make Shi(f)t Happen" : Change how you LOOK by chaning how you THINK. Love that! Dean also runs not one, but TWO super solid podcasts: the Make Shi(f)t Happen Podcast & Lifestyle Hacking Show. In this episode Dean reveals his five step plan to overcome ANY challenge or craving. How to find your passion and use that sucker to make a living. AND why knowledge is NOT power. PLUS, I get Dean's inside secrets to originiality / content design. Speed round topics: Coffee, Alcohol, Cheat Days, Paleo, Tim Ferriss / 4-Hour Chef, Internet Blogging, and MORE. Give this a listen and find out how you can:

1. Solve YOUR problems.

2. Sell YOUR solutions.

3. Live YOUR lifestyle fantisies.

Thanks for all the support guys!

Control your life and don't let life contol you!

Pura Vida,






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