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6 Myths they didn’t tell you about being an entrepreneur. For the self-employed, work from home, or those who want to make money online

You’re watching this right now I’m willing to bet it’s for one of two reasons: 1. You have a business 2. You want to start a business. If so you can’t afford to miss what I’ll share in this video. I’m walking you through the 6 BIGGEST myths no one tells you about being a self-employed entrepreneur.

I’ve been self-employed for the past five years. Freelancer gigs, self-employed, coaching, consulting, product development, touring musician, etc. Only last year was my first six-figure year — ecstatic. Feels awesome. If you’re watching this it’s what you aspire to. The big 6-figure per year income. Well not so fast. Here are 6 BIG myths you won’t know until you get here about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Be sure you listen for all six of these because missing one could literally cost you years of stress and worry.

1. taxes

STORY: Sitting in the dorm room (PH freelancer gig) found out I had to pay taxes of $2k. Sick to my stomach! Reality check. look into by the quarter. health insurance No 401k/bonus saving/ benefits I use QAPITAL App: save freelancer rule to deduct 25% tax bracket:

2. Work 24/7

STORY: Traveling on road, the stress of not being able to upload to wifi. Checking in email constantly. Impossible to turn off always going through head TIP: Delete GMAIL from phone. TIP: Don’t shit where you eat

3. rush when things go right

STORY: Made $14k one month! Checks from CB hanging on my wall. Looking at what you built — NO better satisfaction. QUOTE: If you want to be a leader you have to take the blame…. FLIP THAT: If you want the CREDIT you have to risk it.

4. no built-in schedule

CON: Starting out — why do you start a business? FREEDOM. Kind of like saying you want a baby for freedom. They’ll take care of you one day.. but at first have to put in ALL training, work, late nights, etc.

5. no one to blame


no co-workers

no boss

no deadlines


6. isolation

no co-workers

family/friends can’t relate to lifestyle


stop settling start living