Refusing to Settle

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The myth of passive income - have you been lied to? In this video, we’re talking about the big fat lie of passive income Lot’s have followed this journey together. Just struggling online, down and out, ready to quit, snapping into refuser mode and going for it - building this channel and business from scratch to this year six-figure business. In one of MOST competitive spaces, self-improvement. lots of you on this channel identify as future millionaires. don’t want to settle - you want the BEST life you can live. Know freedom gets you there


1. HUSSLE: Saying go after passive income for freedom is like you want a kid for more freedom — beginning stages change diapers and pick up spit up. Not glamours Instagram page with private jets. That’s the TOP - think about it, kind of like musical being discouraged from day one not selling out arenas.

2. (VOLITILITY) SELF : Take lack of results as you’re not good enough, self-worth in quantifiable metrics. B. OTHER : Government (net neutrality) or Google or Facebook SLAPS

3. PATIENCE: Does NOT happen overnight. Most people say that’s bullshit. AND that’s not what it’s about. It’s about who you need to become to make passive income. Like a kid who grew up with money super spoiled. You don’t want to turn out like that.

stop settling start living


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