Refusing to Settle

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We'll Go out and we'll buy like an enamel pin in the shape of like a Taco and I know that sounds ridiculous, but you know, we go out there and we buy it for fifty cents and we're selling it for like nine 95 or 95 when you're selling, you know, 10 a day, 50 a day, a hundred a day, all of a sudden, you know, it goes up, it scales very quickly to the point where you're making a $900,000 profit a day from one single product. When you have perfected advertising in a way where advertising is not an expense, what it does is a generates you additional money. What up with that lifestyle ninja and enjoy the man himself. Mr Kevin David at his beautiful home here in Sunny San Diego, San Diego, California. Welcome guys. Thanks for having us. Thank you for being here. So I originally reached out to Kevin Cause I and I told you man, it was a crazy story. It was like I bought this. I was like all right, I'm getting into paid traffic, getting into facebook ads, like I want to do this. And I bought this like $500 course, maybe 600. It was great. I was like, the marketing was slick, everything. And then when you get inside, I mean, it kind of felt like, oh shit, like now I got to, this is, this is so disorganized. And so I was frustrated though. So I was going through, it's like 14 hours of this content and by the end of it, and I'm like, I don't, I don't really know if I feel comfortable with facebook ads anymore. So I went to youtube just like everyone does, youtube, everything, you know, how to change tires, oil sync, whatever, youtube at all. And then I found this guy a teaching. It was your epic show. Uh, what was that? The epic facebook ads. Right, right, right. And, and I like went through it and by the end I had an ad up and running. Um, I followed it all. It was just like, Oh man, I gotta I gotta send this guy a message just out of a fellow Youtuber respect. So I think I sent you a message like, dude, that our tutorial was better than the $500 and it was, I remember when you messaged me, if you guys, I get messages all the time, like Kevin, like your, your facebook ads section of your shopify chorus is better than this, like a thousand dollar, $2,000 facebook ads course on facebook ads that I took. And you know, the problem out there with a lot of gurus and people who teach stuff is like they spend more time the more the marketing, right? Like you said, that facebook course you bought had great marketing. Like it looks so sexy because he spends the time on that instead of the actual content of the course. And so, you know, it's, it's rare that you find somebody who actually devotes most of their time to the content rather than like the marketing. And that's not to say my marketing is terrible because it's not, it's not that bad. But, um, you know, I spend most of my time on the content because that's actually what is changing people's lives.


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