Refusing to Settle

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 How I GOT OVER 102k Subs in Under 365 Days HOOK: This is an actual screen shot. It’s a 365 window and how I got over 102k subs in under 365 days (my channel was under 100k at the time). Today, I’m giving you my secrets….

This is clark kegley with refusing to settle — let’s go

1. WATCH TIME STILL the most important metric STILL the thing to focus on Five Tips: Number your points, edit out the DEAD weight + repeating talking, use jump cuts, get STRAIGHT to it (most people are browsing and don’t care), tease in the video future — later i’ll give you _______.

2. SESSION TIME (ON SCREEN) Session time: You get credit for bringing people ONTO platform and KEEPing them here. Session Start time = what someone comes onto platform with. Session Duration = how long they got kept here. Makes sense, right? Think about it: the more total time = more adds person sees = more money for YouTube and for You. How to not shoot yourself in the foot here: reduce amount of links you give viewer. ONLY link to videos or playlists (more on that in a bit). I’M A GIANT HYPOCRITE HERE! I out link like NO other. I know that MY brand is what I’m trying to grow, not YouTube’s. If I were JUST starting and trying to get momentum — don’t out link too much until 10k subs.

3. RELATED VIDEOS (ON SCREEN) Get in that sidebar sweet zone Related: To YOUR own popular videos (look at yours) Related: to OTHER people’s (use similar keywords) NO KEYWORD STUFFING!

4. UPLOAD FREQ Did a 50 for 50 challenge Gained 18k+ SUBS and $4k + Revenue only from ads Sales went through roof MORE you post, the MORE you’re promoted BSS If you liked this video, you’ll LOVE what’s in BSS Show you methods how to schedule videos so it’s easy/write them so they get views. GIVE you my expensive, designer thumbs in that course You also get 2GB my favorite royalty free footage, my favorite music songs, my video exigent process, new studio tour, EVERYTHING.

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