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how to be confident when you feel like a fake? In this video, we're alking about How to Build Confidence In Yourself. You'll learn how to stop feeling like a fake during times where you need to perform at your peak. Should you fake it till you make it? How to shake off imposter syndrome.

False choice — not the only two options:
1. Fake it or
2. Look unprofessional.
You can be CONFIDENT without being fake or trying to pretend you know things you don’t. Here's what you DON’T do: The tacky way: you start your business online, write your bio in 3rd person and say you’re the CEO — see this EVERY email. (i.e. Robert Vance, CEO and Success Coach Consultant of Robert vance dot com). People can see right through that.

Here’s what you SHOULD do: Document the process. Every industry is different, go back through on my channel look at older videos. I wasn’t trying to posture anything, still connected with people. In fact, even MORE so because people LOVE being along for the journey. (i.e. WOOFing videos/vlogs — people loved it! Still get messages today)
Wrong: fake it.

Right: Act as if.

Act as If — write that down
Get nervous:
INTERVIEW: ACT AS IF you’re family friends who know you for 10 years talking
DATE: ACT AS IF there’s no pressure. The only time you’ll see them.

Go out there and ACT AS IF!

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