Refusing to Settle

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listen to this, ANYTHING you do - you NEED to sell. I work with SO many creatives. I WAS a FORMER creative turned sales and marketer - that’s when I started making good money and got out of creative stress doom and gloom! clark from refusing to settle dot com. Let’s go! The last video: I spoke about the creative vs. the marketer and that marketers make the money. Remember that no one is gonna come to the heavy lifting for you - learn this stuff is up to YOU! Let’s talk about ethical selling.

Balance Find a balance. Because I think people are either one of two extremes:

1. Afraid to sell: WAY to passive. Only link in footer. Only barely make offers. Etc

2. OVER confident with sell: Burn out the list, burn out subscribes, just annoying or worse guilt you and can even be rude.

MOST PEOPLE: “BUY MY SHIT!” HERE IT IS… BUY IT!! RIGHT WAY: “interested?” — “Hey, I made this free thing to serve you, it’s free if you like it, if not no worries.” — “Hey, since you opened and read my free thing, here’s a paid thing I worked really hard on to help you, it will do XYZ, again if not totally cool.”

stop settling start living


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