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UPDATE: The first story was of "Theodore Johnson" NOT Paul Tudor Jones. Apologies for mixing up the names so badly!

What would it feel like to know that no matter what happens in life, you’ll have enough money to be okay. No matter what the government does (or doesn’t do), no matter what your job does, no matter if you don’t have to have a job - the stress of finances are gone.

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Quick Disclaimer — I’m NOT a finical expert! No finical advice is being given here. ALWAYS check with your financial provider before making any big moves with your money.

we’ll cover that in the 10 best ideas so you can have that freedom in this weeks book review “Unshakable” You Financial Freedom Playbook

Hey guys, Clark back from - welcome to the book review series distilling down best BOOKS that make your life better in around 20min or so. I take those 300 pages and give you the BEST 10 ideas from them.

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Talking about a lot lately: Tony Robbins - the headline act in peak performance, went from homeless to life coach or US presidents 40 Million copies of infomercial. coach to top leaders: Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Oprah. Tony feeds MILLIONS on annual basis - committed 100% profits of latest book to feeding the homeless.

Stop settling start living

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1. Your Wealth Tax
Paul Theodore Jones story -- Getting rich requires two things: Discipline and Time. Right now you need to COMMIT to yourself just like Jones did, make a wealth tax. Save “x” amount and automate it!

2. Start TODAY
19-year old saves $300/mo until age 27 ($28,000). (grow at 8-10% annually doesn’t touch it)
29-year old starts $300/mo until age 65 ($140,000).
19: $ close to 2MILLION dollars at age 65
29: $ over $300,000 LESS than other guy!

3. Compounding
Full Investools video:
Most powerful tool in making you rich.
Einstein calls the 8th wonder of the world

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4. Fear & Chicken
“The sky is falling” or “Winter is coming” — crash coming.
44% of USA never invest in stocks post 08’ crash because they believed it was too risky.

5. Can’t Time The Market
“The point of market forecasters is to make fortune-tellers look good” -Buffet Can’t time the market, and the WORST thing you can do is be OUT of the market.

6. Buffet Bullets
“Rule number one, don’t lose. Rule number two, don’t forget rule number one”
“Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful”

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7. Diversification: Four Kinds
Fight the natural human tendency to do what we know. — One trick pony
1. Asset class (stock/bond/property/etc)
2. Within the asset class (index fund/ REITS/ etc)
3. Countries (USA/International)
4. Time (young/adult/old)

8. Owner or Consumer?
If you own iPhone 7 for $700 but you don’t own $700 worth of Apple stock what’s wrong? You’re a consumer, not an owner. If you want to be rich need to attain assets not liabilities. -RDPD

9. Index Funds

10. Resources and Apps
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