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How to make a youtube custom thumbnail in 5 min or less. Let's walkthrough How to make custom thumbnails on youtube.

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If you’re doing ANYTHING on youtube, thumbnails maybe MORE important than your title, topic, even you….. I say your thumbnail is your resume, it’s what gets your foot in the door, today I’m showing you 3 simple ways to make a custom thumbnail. clark with — my NEW course that gives you the cheat codes to creating awesome videos. My personal private vault open for the first time. Today I wanted to show you how to make cool thumbs. Here are 3 steps:

1. STEP ONE: CHOOSE YOUR METHOD Challenge because you basically got 3 options:

1. PAY —hire a Designer. Get’s expensive, I was paying 20-50/image. (someone in comments was like, WOAH, dude I paid $15 for 5. I went and looked almost commented back, yeah and they LOOK like they were cheap!)

2. DIY — CON: time-consuming, you’re not a graphic designer, learning curve. CAN WORK. What I do now, get complete control over looks/marketing.

3. DEFAULT — not most engaging. 2. STEP TWO: CHOOSE YOUR STYLE

3. STEP THREE: DIY IT Show Canva Show PicMonkey Show Photoshop If you liked this video, you’ll LOVE what’s in BSS Show you methods how to schedule videos so it’s easy/write them so they get views. GIVE you my expensive, designer thumbs in that course You also get 2GB my favorite royalty free footage, my favorite music songs, my video exigent process, new studio tour, EVERYTHING.

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