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Today I’m giving you my 5 BEST tips on how to interview someone. Wanted to start you own podcast and interview guests, just want an interesting conversation with someone, learn how to be a good host - stick around. clark from refusing to settle dot com. Let’s go! QUESTION: “Hello Refusers, I’m going to interview my first guest on my podcast this weekend. I would love to hear your advice and experience of hosting a podcast.” - Erwin Kwun I feel bad because NO ONE answered this. AND it’s an awesome question….


I ran PaleoHacks Podcast for 3-years - did over 100 shows with NYT best selling authors, bloggers, scientists, etc. I ran RTS // DWML // DWMH podcast before. Mostly from my dorm room in my boxers…

1. DO YOUR RESEARCH Nothing worse than being a guest and the host doesn’t know your story! Become OBSESSED with them. I had 4-pages of notes. BONUS: Research your favorite podcasts. How do hosts structure show? Questions? “Their Story” always toss up in first 5-min… “How did you get into all this?” for small guests is great. For BIG guests always start with a statement: “So you were a successful personal trainer in London, take me to the day where you walked out on your job….” Give them a head start on their story - they finish if they want.

2. to small talk or not to small talk? I had show with dude who HATED small talk — SO rude! I had guests who wanted to talk for 20-min BEFORE the interview. In general: Be brief and concise. BIGGER the guest the LESS time they have for an off-air talk. DO NOT keep your host after/ask them personal questions. MAYBE one or two.

3. What have they never said? Neil Strauss talks about this. What have they never said? Never spoke about before? Goal is to tap into PASSION Ask the question: “What are you most excited about in ________?”

4. Be present NOTHING worse than guest doing some big 10-minute rant and you’re holding on to the joke from the first minute waiting for a clever moment to sneak it in. BE PRESENT! In the moment with them. Let it fffflllloooowwwww If you do switch gears, SEGWAY! “Wow, so much good content we could keep talking about this for hours. But I really wanted to touch on ______”

5. Logistics Confirm and remind your guest! If they don’t show up… it’s YOUR fault, not theirs! Send confirmation 5-days before and 1-day before Let them know who’s igniting the call and where it will be head Some guests like Q’s ahead of time. ASK TIP: Before call check in 45min okay with the schedule? This is pre-recorded we like to keep it as casual as possible but if you need to stop or edit something out you get final cut of whatever’s in here. Just let me know.

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