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How to Read MORE books without reading. Here are 4 awesome ways to read 2-3 books PER week.

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Get this: The average CEO reads around 60 Books PER YEAR. The average American reads less than ONE book per year. It’s been said that READERS are LEADERS, but what do you do if you…. hate sitting down to read or just don’t have the time? Going to show you in this video.

STORY: I told you avg CEO reads 60 vs. 1 book. I knew this but was struggling to find time to sit and read. Too busy or didn’t want to slow down. ALSO — when I would read I thought I had to read every word otherwise didn’t count. Thought I was a bad reader. Dyslexia. Wrote off reading completely. Then it hit me in late college — books are BEST of that author. They pour HORUS and YEARS of life to deliver these thoughts to you in form of a book — NEED to tap into that for awesome results.

TIME ARBITRAGE Look at life and realize we have SO much time, just not in one large lump sum. It adds up over week! LOVE to multitask can’t sit still and would feel bad. DITCH Reading — switch to audio. Cooking breakfast, drive in car, walking to coffee shop work.

DON’T DO: Speed reading. You’ll hear advice one YT saying SKIM the book or READ faster or READ Table of contents, then first paragraph of chapter and last. — Never resonated with me even though I researched it. Felt like treadmill and setting pace. Sucked. Vs. not thinking when running in nature. felt rushed and stressed from speed reading. Couldn’t retain anything because of that stress. Felt like memorizing for a test in class. Short term memory. STORIES how info gets into LONG TERM.

MEMORY: Learn MORE from an audiobook especially if traveling, doing something. Heard study in a class students retained MORE when they doodled and listened than just listen. Same with Audiobooks. I remember I did a puzzle and listened to QUIET — remember so much of it. Same with Joe Rogan podcast in Laos riding motorbike Ian Edwards podcast. Can almost get a photographic memory

1. FREE: Youtube Book summaries on YouTube TIP: Create a “to read” list on your phone with recommendations

2. FREE: PODCASTS Get the actor on a radio show Usually sums up the big thesis of the book in around 1-2 hours.

3. Audible Realize by buying audiobooks you’re BUYING your time back! ► Get A FREE Audiobook with Audible: speed or 2x speed (can even do this on YouTube videos) i.e. I read “Secrets of Millionaire Mind” and it was great.

4. Blinkist App that summarizes thousands of books. Fantastic — spark notes but in a way that will stick with you. Also have audio person reading them too you. Only con: Stories and delivery is HOW info sticks with you and resonates. This works great for RECAPS and BIG overviews. Inspiration for new ideas help connect the dots. I recommend BOTH audible and this.

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