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In this video, I’m going to show you a couple kick-ass fail-proof ways to read faster and maintain MORE of what you read.

Look, the actual act of reading I do not find enjoyable. In fact, I am dyslexic and had a reading level labeled 2 grades below my peers throughout school. If you can relate, it takes me 2-3 times just to read one sentence (only once if I have coffee). Reading is frustrating, time-consuming and challenging. I hate reading, but I LOVE knowledge. Discover a couple ways to hack down the time reading and increase the output from each book.

Do book reviews on this channel - one of most ASKED questions is “Clark, how do you read so many books?!” I read over 100 books in 2016. But quite honestly doesn’t matter the amount, matters how much you retain and use! Use following 3 methods. Let me share them with you on how to retain more of what you read.

1. I don’t read them
Get to move while you do this. Not locked into staying put.
Enhance retention! EX: riding my motorcycle in Thailand and I remember everything with images. Puzzling - when I look at that puzzle quotes/studies/points from Quiet come back! Think of it like a song you hear again you listened to in middle school. Brings back memories. Or smell someone wore you smell again - BOOM like they’re there in front of you.

2. I move fast
Painfully slow narrator.
Also, do this on Podcasts/ YouTube videos/ everything you want to get through.
BONUS: Find interviews of the author on podcasts by searching their name or boo title. Hear 80% of what books about in 1 hour (or 30min if you 1.5 x :-)

3. I skip most the book
Tai Lopez: Took his 67 steps (actually a really good program).
Mining for “gold nuggets”.
Get the 67 Steps here:


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