Refusing to Settle

In this video, I’m gonna teach you how to sell SO WELL, people will literally pull out their wallets and say “TAKE MY MONEY!” You might have seen our previous video “How To Sell Anything To Anyone” and if you haven’t just type in “how to sell” on youtube and it will pop up. We have over 2M views on that for one reason: it’s to the point and no fluff.



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When I say “Salesman” or “Salesperson” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? I’m willing to bet it’s NEGATIVE. Answer me this: How on EARTH are you EVER going to SELL when you believe it’s evil? The single MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THIS: If you want to SELL you need to reframe Selling is NOT evil. Selling is what makes the world go around.You sell yourself in the job interview to get hired, on a date to look attractive, in a group of friends to get them to like you… Think about this… Jay Abraham says “I if you believe in your product, you have a MORAL obligation to get it to as many people as possible” Let me ask you two questions here:

1. Is what you’re (SELLING/DOING/PROMOTING/SAYING) true and good? IF NO: don’t sell it IF YES: move onto question two

2. Can it HELP People? IF NO: don’t sell it IF YES: Then you have a MORAL obligation to get it to as many people as possible! Not doing so WILL hurt them. Withholding. Just like in court underneath you can’t withhold because that’s influencing the entire case. NOW REPEAT AFTER ME: Selling Changes Lives. Not Selling Does People A Disservice. Emotions SELL - we buy with emotions and justify with logic what’s you why that makes you cry? “how bad do you want it” Feel bad for talking about yourself = LACK of confidence = SALES killer!

refusing to settle,


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