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How to Set Goals! Hey Refusers -- today I got an EPIC 2019 goal setting workshop for you. Here is how to set goals and actually achieve them. ▸ Click to Discover The 10 BEST Ways to Make Passive Income Online (FREE Course) ▸ MyBestJournal2.0 Full Program | #GoalSetting #2019GOALS #goalsettingworkshop This workshop was how I was able to achieve my dream lifestyle and goal of traveling and doing what I love playing music. Wrote that in my 2015 journal. Two years later on stage playing a festival to 6k people after coming off a trip around the world 9 countries, pyramids, scuba diving in Bali, Tomorrowland Festival, Making six figures. ALL of these came from one thing: GOAL setting. “GROW or DIE - when you’re green you’re growing when you’re ripe you start to rot.


Would you go on a road trip w/o GPS? Would you start a business w/o business plan? Would you be a coach w/o playbook for the team to run? write goals in the back of the journal somewhere you can see them daily somewhere you can update give blank spots!


triangle: Needs to be in balance. Life is in the middle


what do you want to contribute? what analytical numbers do you want? what time frame will you achieve these by? what are your quarterly, annual, and monthly benchmarks?


what are your health goals? what habits do you want to incorporate? what new skills do you want to develop?

PLAY: adventure

what FUN do you want to have? what materialistic things do you want? Best times in life are when you’re working towards things.

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refusing to settle,


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