Refusing to Settle

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Put the PRO in procrastination — maybe you’ ’re procrastinating by watching this video? aha all good! The sooner you fall behind the more time you have to catch up? Watch our Interview with Craig B here ► Here's a preview of this video. Watch the whole thing for full results!

1. LOWER YOUR QUOTA: "Two Crappy Pages Per Day" OBJECT IN MOTION STAYS IN MOTION Floss ONE tooth, Meditate for TWO minutes, Workout for THREE minutes

2. PROGRESS! Why you’re anxious is because you’re procrastinating. GUILT. Out of integrity w/ ideal and what you should do. DIS integrate (literally erode away) Progress is addicting. Feels AMAZING. (my theory: why people play video games — fake progress)

3. NOT TO DO LIST “What are your distractions?” “What should you STOP doing?”

4. BREAK IT DOWN TO SMALLEST PARTS “Little by little” quote buddha.. like a water pot is filled with drops of water Problem with goals: “where do you want to be?” can say anything… It doesn’t matter! Focus on the NOW and steps to get there! More likely to be successful.

5. Parkinson's Law! Tasks swell to time allotted. Set a deadline. STUDY: two student group write 3 papers in 30 days. Group A turn in whenever they want. Group B strict weekly deadlines. Ones in group B did WAY better than group A!

6. Audit yourself 20 min breakdown of day for a week. Like those using a food log lose WAY more weight! Same with this log - don’t do it forever. BONUS TIP: Start the night before. Write 2-3 things you WILL get done. Subconscious. Watch our Interview with Craig B here

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Refusing to settle,


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