Refusing to Settle

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Alright, what's up? Refusers just flew into the beautiful city of San Diego all the way from Seattle for a little bit of a secret project. I'm actually meeting up with my friend who also runs a youtube channel and he's a really successful entrepreneur in the shopify e-commerce space. So I'm super excited. We're going to hang out for a few days, probably shoot a lot of content together and just have a bit of a mastermind down here to catch an uber at like 5:00 AM today. Barely made it on the plane, just barely lost serious. And so I'm really excited. I've been looking forward to this collaboration for quite some time now. I followed Kevin on his, uh, his youtube channel. He talks a lot about like epic tutorials in the e-commerce shopify space. So I'm really excited because that's something I really talk about we don't really talk about, but it's a huge, huge opportunity. A lot of people who get into and are getting into and just crushing it. So I'm really excited to get Kevin Story and hear all kinds of inside a how he did it and bring that to you guys and, and just share that with you so you can get inspired and maybe this is a cool new opportunity that you can take on as well. Check out YOUTUBE FRIENDS: 🌴 Odi_Productions: 💰 ThatLifestyleNinja: I tried a lot of different things. Uh, I even tried to e-commerce and I tried affiliate marketing. I tried, um, youtube, instagram, facebook, and then I just kept at Youtube and, and, uh, published to date now, like 365 videos. Number one. It is, and here we are three years later and it really had me on those first two years suck so hard because I was just grinding, grinding, grinding. I thought I was going to be in the fitness space and then it switched to self development and then switched again to now something more where I really settled the last, uh, three, I don't know, 18 months or so, and it's just taken off and that is refusing to settle. Um, so it's all about teaching people how to do that for themselves, how to find freedom, how to find happiness, how to not settle for the status quo or kind of what we're all conditioned to just be at, you know, be complacent at. It's really pushing yourself and becoming your own coach and believing in that, buying into and see what people are reacting to or would you, would you recommend people to go in? And I'm with a different mentality if you have a clear path, right? Like if you know you're a fitness instructor and that's what you really love to do, don't even mess around, go for it. Go all in. You're the fitness guy, make those videos, model those channels, but if you're someone right now who's kind of in that limbo land of like, I want to start a business, but I have all these passions, what do people want? Like it's OK to, to put out 30 videos and like just try and test the market. And that's one of the greatest things Kevin, about youtube is like, it's kind of like creating mini courses and testing the market before we create something big right before you actually commit to a huge niche of like if you want to brand yourself as the fitness guy. I do this already. Missed everything you say is more credible when you're driving in a car.


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