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Saturday Strategy: Know Your Strengths DO THIS BEFORE YOU GO FURTHER: Need you to play a little game have some fun here. Look at the signature strengths in this description or my comment below. Write a comment with what you think your top 5 strengths from this list are - read them and try to think what five make up you. Pause this video now and do that. Meet you back here after this sick intro.

list of the 24 signature strengths:

creativity, curiosity, judgment,  love of learning,  perspective bravery,  perseverance,  honesty,  zest love,  kindness,  social intelligence teamwork,  fairness,  leadership forgiveness,  humility,  prudence,  self-regulation appreciation of beauty and excellence,  gratitude,  hope,  humor,  spirituality

► 24 Signature Strengths Test: Hey, Refusers! Clark Kegley with back with another Saturday strategy short — give you a big idea to apply this weekend and make your life better! Talk about something today that isn’t a tactic or 5 things you need to do, it’s more internal focused and less output focused. Talk about something called your signature strengths. But first a little background on this: Martin Seligman is kind of the grandfather of positive psychology. He said we were good at making depressed people to normal levels, but we sucked at making normal people to higher levels. What makes people happy? Spent his whole life studying this. Distilled it down into one sentence: KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS AND USE THEM OFTEN Think about when you’re really good at something. Doesn’t it feel awesome? Say you’re really good at a sport - best member on team feels great. Member in a band that crushes, or at a job good team player - why does it feel so good? It’s because of how people VIEW you. You need to view yourself this way. As “GOOD” at what you do in life. Easiest way is to know what you’re good at. This is where signature strengths come into play. Go to and get your free assessment. I think it’s around 250 questions about life and at the end you get a rank order of your strengths - look at top 5 out of 25. Write these in your journal. Ask yourself: How can i use my strengths every day? Ask yourself: How can i use my strengths in service to the world? Post comment with your signature strengths are


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