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The 4 Money Mindsets You MUST Master to Attract Wealth

What if you took the top 1% of performers in the world -- the self-made billionaires and millionaires and looked at what they all had in common. Going to share with you FOUR money mindsets they have to attract more wealth into their life. These are four things millionaires believe.

Full Disclaimer: I AM NOT A MILLIONAIRE. Using these 7 habits I am well on my way by age of 30.

Speaking of not being a millionaire, I worked with middle schoolers every day for 3 years. When you ask a 12-year-old kid what car they want to drive, always get the same response: LAMBO, FERRARI, BMW never get “Prius” or “Subaru Outback with great safety rating” But what happens later in life? The reality is most people don’t drive Lambos.

Take any 100 people follow them for 40 years from when they started working and here’s what you’ll find. According to Social Security Administration:
1 will be wealthy
4 will be finically secure
5 will continue working (not because they want to, because they have to)
36 will be dead
54 will be dead broke

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