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What are the FIVE books every guy needs to read? I’ll give you my top 5 in this video.

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5 Books Every man needs to read

hey refusers, Clark from refusing to settle dot com. before we get into it: NO, these recommendations are not gospel, I’m giving them to you because these are the best 5-books I’ve read about manhood. I put myself in the role as your older brother or close friend. Ladies, this one is for the guys! 80% of the channel (demographics tells me) - so women, feel free to sit this one out or watch, up to you.

1. The Way of the superior man My #1 recommendation All about polarity - dance between men and women why women challenge men why women say one thing but mean another why women seem like communicating with a different species altogether.

2. the 5 love languages Awesome for understanding communication

3. She comes first one of the best books you can read for your partner most guys think their PROS in the bedroom we have lots to learn DOENS’T come naturally! You need to educate yourself on it. Humble yourself and learn - best gift you can give

4. the truth Neil Strauss kind of forgotten book - overshadowed people don’t talk about lots fantastic book about relationships, upbringing, alternative lifestyles, and the journey to find what works for you. this book will challenge you and your views on relationships. Neil is a very talented writer and this book is addicting.

5. engineering the alpha or some sort of fitness/health book read about hormone optimization read about working out get healthy - physical health will carry overconfidence into so many other areas self-improvement starts usually with health/body (did for me)

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