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What are the top five books on how to become a millionaire? Here are my personal favorite books on how to become rich or how to be a millionaire. Remember that any book you read is worthless if you don’t take action. But all the information is here — It’s up to us to take advantage of this information and apply it.

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Here are my top five books to become a millionaire. (affiliate links)

1. The 4-Hour Work Week ►

Escape the 9 to 5 mindset — why waste BEST years of your life slaving away at a job for some holy grail retirement? Broken system. (use “mini-retirements” throughout) Escape the hours for dollars mindset. Remain OPEN — open to possibilities and paths. If you want this, it CAN happen.

2. Unshakeable ►

Start toady. Don’t touch it. Leverage your time, compounding. Don’t listen to naysayers or chicken little distractions. Index funds = own a LOT of a little. (Buffets favorite)

3. Think and Grow Rich ►

Mass desire — channel hunger and drive into generating wealth. My story: Housekeeping affirmations that lead to $10,651

4. The Millionaire Fast Lane ►

Slow lane: Work for 60 years. Get rich quick DOES exist (IPO/ Sell Company/ Critical Mass). Get rich easy does not. Most of this comes down to YOUR mindset

5. I Will Teach You to Be Rich ►

“Save money on lattes” is bad advice. Focus on BIG wins. (negotiate salary = $10k/yr)(Buy/ Sell house =$30k++). Willpower finite resource. Set auto savings systems in place.

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Stop settling start living

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