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5 Biggest Mistakes New YouTubers Make

There are FIVE things that absolutely KILL a YouTube channel's potential. If you’re doing any of these five mistakes we talk about in this short video, kiss your hard work goodbye.

Picture this: it's a year from now, all your hard work pays off. You have a healthy growing channel. You have an army of raving subscribers that demand your next video. You have cracked the YouTube code.

We'll talk about how to do that in this video. I’m a business consultant for brands who want to grow their YouTube channels to grow their business. I'm also a YouTuber who knows the struggle of crickets when you post a video.

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1. Focus on Wrong Metrics
Not about views. Not about subscribers. ALL about watch time!
Stop getting so discouraged. Don’t beat yourself up. The more PAIN you link to creating content, the more STRUGGLE you link the harder it will be to make videos!

2. Not Posting Frequently Enough
Make it your goal to post 3 x week.
EVERY video get’s better. Benefit is In beginning you can talk about whatever you want.

3. Not Doing Right Research
A great plugin with a built-in keyword research tool you can use directly on YouTube. What I use and recommend most to my clients. TubeBuddy:

4. Focusing on TOO Many Social Platforms
“Be everywhere” worst advice out there.
How would it be if you had 4 different business?
How would it work if you had 4 different relationships?
Focus all on one!

5. Not Commenting On EVERY Video They Watch
NEED to do this! Good video karma also gets your name out there. Why you started a channel in the first place was because you watch YouTube, so I KNOW you’re watching videos.

TIP: DO NOT SPAM. Don’t even post a link. That gets flagged. Also just bad business. Just post and honest insightful comment.

Something that summarizes video and major points gets up-voted. I had top comment on Joe Rogan’s podcast one of all time had 500+ likes and it brought in close to 20 emails from people saying they found my channel because of that comment!

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