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In this video, I’m going to show you how to STOP EATING VEGETABLES …. and drink them instead, without juicing, without expensive ingredients, without even leaving your house. Try Organifi and claim your FREE bonus with this link: ► (affiliate)

Hey, Refuser - Clark from back again. Today we got a unique, but important video.

I want to tell you about new opportunity -- something I’ve been using this year that has revolutionized my day, mood, and energy. AND if you stick around to the end of this video I want to GIVE you an exclusive bonus I made JUST for you in this video.

One thing I struggled with: eating more vegetables
So I tried juicing. Almost went broke.

I’ll be first to admit… I’m LAZY.
Don’t want to wash fruit and vegetable for 20 min.
I stopped juicing…. TOO much equipment!

I felt guilty ALL day. Could not fit in as many vegetables as I needed. Stopped feeling guilty by drinking Organifi. Became my all on one nutritional insurance policy. Backup for rest of day.

I want you to picture having unlimited energy. That feeling you get when you eat a healthy meal? The energy and mental focus. What if you could consistently get that without the meal prep, hard work, and time it takes?

Until I discovered this product. Organifi!

I want to give you an honest review of Organifi after using it for over a year and really experiencing the benefits first hand. Here are 4 PROS and 3 CONS of Organifi

Try Organifi and claim your FREE bonus with this link: ► (affiliate)
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1. Health — call this thing my insurance policy — make SURE I get all vitamins and minerals You are NOT what you eat! Biggest myth out there. You are what you digest and absorb! Need to absorb smaller particles into body - complex complete packages of foods/fruits/vegetables into smallest particles with enzymes/co factors to metabolize. Can’t always do that chewing. Too big / food don’t contain other enzymes / etc. Why JUICING is so beneficial!

2. ENERGY — Sustainable energy. No crash at 2PM - no glass of wine after work. No 5th cup coffee.

3. Fat Loss — Helps eliminate bloating / puffy belly. Slimmer waist. Alkalize body and boost metabolism making it easier to burn fat or maintain body.

4. DETOX -- special Superfood Blend — here’s just one example of an ingredient you get when you buy this product:Ashwaganhda - reduce stress. Weight gain always an imbalance of stress. Fight for you. Kinda like your support buddy who goes in there and blocks fat cells and stress hormones making you fat. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. That means it’s one of a unique group of herbs that actually help strengthen your body’s adrenal system.

1. Refrigeration — first world problem. On tour was hard to use. Not sure if you NEED to refrigerate, but I do anyway.

2. Sales — constantly trying to get you to buy MORE. Little annoying. Lots of emails….

3. Price It’s around $2 per day to use this. However “small investment in your health” priorities. Buy dinner out one night or month of this every day. OR compare to bring all the vegetables in this. OR Whole Foods Juice for like, $8!! You can pay the farmer more now or the doctor more later.

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