Refusing to Settle

▸ Free Money Monday Cheat Sheet: QUESTION: Email I got talking about why they only had 2 cents in a bank account because worked a job that was $9/hr, economy wronged them, didn’t know how to make money online, etc etc. NONE OF THAT IS TRUE invest in financial education - tart taking responsibility for finances. Don’t outsource it to someone at a desk, your mom, your dad, your spouse. Take charge. This is YOUR future. Beliefs around money are crap “money is root of all evil” “rich people have money” “money doesn’t grow on trees” “what am I, made of money?” — THEN HOW ARE YOU GONNA MAKE MONEY?!

Wealth is a thermostat!

i.e. story — me “selling is evil and pushy” why I didn’t have any sales! Switched it to: selling is HOW people get my AWESOME products. Actually, a disservice NOT to sell to them!

RICH DAD VS POOR DAD Learn different mindsets Rich dad: invested, poor dad: hated “the system — RD: leverage time PD: day by day — BIGGEST difference? Financial IQ. Rich dad knew you LEARN about finances. Aquire. It’s your job to research and master. Not taught in schools.

PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK 76% Americans Most credit debt of all time Millionaire Mind Secrets: Wealth Thermostat — always come back to baseline i.e. lottery winders always return back to amount they had BEFORE money i.e. athletes return back or go bankrupt! stop settling start living clark

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