Refusing to Settle

What books will make you a better entrepreneur? We’re going over the 5 MUST READS in this video.

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1. To sell is human GET OVER YOUR FEAR OF SALES. NOW You will NEVER be successful if you can’t sell Best way to get over it? Change your mindset This book does that The more you EARN, the MORE you can SERVE Moral obligation to sell if your product can help others

2. dot com secrets Russell Brunson - my mentor for funnels I’m such a geek with his stuff DotCom Secrets: McDonald's makes all their money on fries/drinks - not the burgers. Maximize profit and minimize customer acquisition cost. Tactics to do so in this book. If you do ANYTHING online - this is a MUST read. You can get DotCom secrets for FREE through this link: ► Affiliate link to 14-day free trial here:

3. The millionaire Fastlane Get rich quick DOES exist Get rich EASY does NOT exist Raw and to the point books - tells you how it is. OR

3. The four-hour work week Classic with lifestyle design (you’ve probably read it by now) Inspired so many business with this.

4. The one thing Why am I doing 50/50 challenge? It’s my ONE thing The BIG first domino - knocks all the others over i.e. health: ONE thing is getting to the gym i.e. relationships: ONE thing is approaching and starting the conversation i.e. business: ONE thing is sales. EVERYDAY. The heartbeat of business. HINT: The thing you’re probably avoiding :)

5. The war of art FEAR of creating is really FEAR of rejection Deep rooted Resistance is the enemy - not that you’re a “procrastinator” Turn pro: Show up no matter what Suck it up - if you want to write, get over it if you want to be a youtuber, get over it! if you want to approach women, get over it! Only other option: fail and be stuck forever.

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