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What if you had access to over 100 of the worlds BEST mentors — what advice would they give you? Going over 10 BIG ideas in today’s video: Tribe of Mentors. ► Get the book here:

Today we have the book summary and book review on "Tribe of Mentors" by Tim Ferriss. This is the follow up to Tim's last book, Tools of Titans. Tim Ferriss has written classic books such as "The 4-Hour Work Week" and "The 4-Hour Body". Tribe of Mentors comes from Tim's show The Tim Ferriss Experiment and the best lessons he learned from interviewing some of the world's top performers. You might also consider getting the audiobook for this – it’s killer!

Hey Refusers!
Clark back from - back with book review series. This is where we take the best books in personal development, business, finance, psychology, condensing down 300+ pages into ten BIG ideas you can walk away with and take action on. This weeks book is Tribe of Mentors.

This is a super cool full circle moment. I started this channel because I read 4HWW when I was 18. Tim’s a huge mentor to me, taken podcasts traveling in rainstorms on a motorcycle or on Joe Rogan WWOOFing in Hawaii. Tim’s team reached out to me and sent it to me b/c seen book review series, so thank you Tim’s team and thank YOU for making these so freaking successful!

subscribe right now if you haven’t - grab your coffee - grab your pen to take notes — let’s jump into to this weeks book

Tim Ferris if you don’t know — 4 Hour Work Week (my life changing book) — investor/podcaster/TV host/ Experimenter
Background on book — Tim turned 40 and had series of questions
“What would this look like if it were easy?” He’d send an email to most successful people, same questions, analyze patterns for answers
Put them into this book
The question you can ask “What Would This Look Like If It Were Easy?

STORY: I was out drinking one night — drunk guy sits down in our booth, puts arm around me and says: “GUYS! hours make up days. days make up weeks. weeks make up months. make up years. make up decades = your life”
Hate to admit it, but his drunken rant stuck with me.
We worry too far into the future and not enough about present
Gary Vaynerchuk
Everyone stresses about MACRO: “What will i do in 20-years?” or “What if I try something that doesn’t work in 10 years” or “Wasted time”
Not enough on MICRO: “why am I checking Instagram 22 times day and watching Netflix 4 hours a night”
Instead: FLIP IT. Squeeze every last second out of day — won’t HAVE to worry about 20-years from now because you’ve made THE MOST from it!

3. Early Rejection
Common theme in this book: every major success had a major failure
When asked “What most impacted life?” 9/10 it were the “negatives”
Challenge and struggle where growth happens. Discomfort.
Ex: Tony Hawk — THProSk8 ($1.4 BILLION) got rejected first time. Good thing b/c they wouldn’t have same vision to make it 1.4B

5. Top 5 book recommendations
1. Man’s Search for Meaning
2. Sapiens
3. The Rational Optimist
4. The Better Angels of Our Nature
5. Poor Charlie’s Almanack

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