Refusing to Settle

Are YOU a certified..... HEALTH NUT!? My next gues sure as heck is! Troy is living ENERGY. I think this will go down as the show in whcih I talk least. It's all good becaue today's guest has some serious truth to rant up! Troy is a wild dude's whos mission is "Teaching holistic health, self care & our symbiotic relationship with planet earth". In this episode troy rants it up about the SEVEN principals of optimal health: Clean air, water, sunshine, whole foods, walking, loving relationships, and PASSION. Also, find out why we should be "SEXUAL ANIMALS" and how the political corroprations are literally destroying our environment, health, while making YOU pay the big bucks! You all KNOW I ask troy about his take on Intermittent fasting, Paleo, and cold showers.

Hot Speed round topics: Chakras / Coffee / Death / Wold Peace and MORE. Crank this podcast up and let me know what you think!

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Control your life and don't let life contol you!

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