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How do you become a superior man? What does that even mean? Can you really live at your edge and discover what your were born to do?
This week's book review is on The Way of The Superior Man.

The Way of The Superior Man is a classic book by David Deida. This book summary and book review of The Way of The Superior Man will go over the BEST 10 IDEAS from David Deida's book. You might also consider getting the full book or audiobook for this – it’s killer!

Here are the best 10 ideas from “The Way of The Superior Man” by David Deida


★★★ BIG 10 IDEAS ★★★

(2:00) 1. POLARITY
Polarity - Masculine and Feminine - Night / day. - Black + white / color - Up / down - hot / cold - east / west - moon / sun
This is what creates ATTRACTION - magnets.

(0:00) 2. Stop Hoping For Completion
If you’re not doing it right now - probably won’t ever do it.
Success fantasies - can be the REASON you hurt and the reason you don't take action.

(0:00) 3. Live At Your (REAL) Edge (don’t fake it)
32,850 - number of days from birth to 90 y.o.
Lean just beyond edge. Small gains. Gym - increase slowly.
Safety path (educate 20 / work 40 / retire 20) vs. Danger path (risk it all)

(0:00) 4. Never Change Your Mind to Please Your Woman
Or anyone for that matter
Safety mechanism - b/c if your idea fails = ALL on you. If change mind = safety of blaming someone else. BUT if it succeeds = you DON’T feel confident (not your idea). Add stock to your own decision making skills, not others.

(0:00) 5. Discover Your Purpose Today
Know Thyself - True North - You and Only You Can Do!
Discover your STRENGTHS today!
Martin Seligman “Know your strengths, use them often” - strengths finder (24 sig. strengths)

(0:00) 6. Enjoy Your Friends Criticism
“You are the AVG of top 5 people you hang around most”
We can be too close to ourselves / need objective perspective
Someone who knows you WELL - willing to call you out.

(0:00) 7. Do Not Use Your Family As An Excuse
S.E.A. - travel saw people from EVERYWHERE. Hostel. People who “didn’t fit mold” (eat pray love / infinity sign tattoo / granola hippie whole foods) Are you willing to give up excuses? Everyone has eliminated the excuses traveling = why people get along so well!
Never going to get easier. NEED to start TODAY.

(0:00) 8. Praise Her
#17 - Praise Her Freely
Men grow throw challenge (jump fence / lift weight / dare you to X)
Women grow through praise (X looks great on you / so pretty)
Both superficial - deeper in relationships. She NEEDS praise form you.
NO MR. FIX IT. Just wants to be listened to and encouraged - not fixed. Speaking to your woman, call glass half full not half empty. Praise qualities you want to see GROW

(0:00) 9. Live As If Your Father Was Dead
Baggage from dad - Kid who looked to others of what to do.
“What we should do” - get rid of those expectations

(0:00) 10. Hear Her Complaints As Warning Bells
#31 Her Complaint is Content Free
When a woman “nags” should be taken as “get it together”
Trying to make you better.
Deeper issue. Not that you didn’t clean the garage when you said you would 2 weeks ago - that she can’t trust you + you don’t keep word. No follow through - flake. Lack of integrity.
Your word is your bond - your masculine core - your integrity - the polarity that’s attractive!

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