Refusing to Settle

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You’re watching this right now because you’re success driven. You have that drive and ambition to do big things. Today we’re going over 3 words that can block…. all of that.

What have I done!?!? 😱 
Do you ever get over ambitious and make a commitment only to realize... it was probably TOO BIG. Whatever. I'm still going for it!

In my last video, I talked about starting my 50 for 50 video challenge.
That means I’ll create a NEW video every single day for fifty days.
It also means I will have no social life.

Oh and get this! As of today, there are only 50 days left in 2017. Crazy, right? Now's a perfect time to finish this year with all you got. What are you committed to? Let’s crush it!

stop settling. start living


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