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In this video, I’m going to teach you how to sell SO well people will literally pull out their wallets and say “TAKE MY MONEY”


Hey I’m Clark from This is a 4-Part video, write these down to get most out of it — here we go USE them

1. A: Attention
SCIENCE: there is a great famous video called the "Invisible Gorilla." Can't play it due to copyright reasons. Basically, students pass a basketball back in forth you count 9 seconds in gorilla walks through.
At end of video, 50% people don’t notice the BIG gorilla. They are in such a trance state focusing on the basketball passes, they miss the most interesting part.
If you want to SELL something. Snap people out of their everyday patterns-- PATTERN INTERRUPT
EXAMPLE: Why you see nearly every ad on YT saying “HEY HET STOP
EXAMPLE: Why every commercial try to be ridiculous (jack in the box, burger king, etc)
MY EX: “STOP what you’re doing right now”

If you want to SELL something - they have to LISTEN to you. If you want them to LISTEN, you have to SNAP them out of trance state.

2. I: Interest
What I JUST did there - is NUMBER TWO —- INTEREST
Get attention for the wrong reason?
MY EXAMPLE: “last video got 1.2 M views - this one’s better”

3. D: Desire
Why would I ever buy something I didn’t desire?
How to get someone desire product — CRAM down logical reasons they need it! (Specs, amount of data, better than other products, etc)
We BUY with EMOTIONS, not Logic
Connect to emotions to get the sale
Use these 3 things and tell stories.
1. “picture this”
2. “I want you to imagine”
3. “What would it feel like to….”
Goal is to get them FEELING same emotion
EXAMPLE: In writing a lot of people skip this. Say I was writing about being depressed.
BAD: “And then I struggled with depression. It sucked”
BETTER: “It felt like rain clouds everywhere I went. I wondered if it would end”
GOOD: “I opened the email, and immediately felt my stomach knot up. skipping over the body of the email and racing down to the bottom of it where it read “I’m sorry this had to end this way” — that was the day I lost my job. That was the last thing I had to lose. That was the day, rock bottom started.”

Take them with you on the journey

4. A: Action
Call to action — URGENT call to action
5 things that get better CTAs
1. Scarcity (EX: Limited time only. Limited space. Bonuses. Etc)
2. Social Proof (EX: 1.2 Million views on the first video)
3. Likability (People will buy more if they like you.)
4. Objection Handling (know objections before they say them)
5. Limited CTA — ex: email marketing ex: apple comps ex: jam study
No more than 2 CTAs okay for online — ONE CTA for physical selling.

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See you tomorrow
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Note: Please always check with a professional before making any moves with your money. These videos are for educational purposes only. No official financial advice is being given. Never listen to anyone online who tells you to not check with a professional!

Go out there and crush this!

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