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If you interviewed the 500 most successful businessmen of all time on how they became successful, then distilled their advice down into 13 principals, what would those be?

This week's book review is for Think And Grow Rich.

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Think And Grow Rich is a classic book by Napoleon Hill. This book summary and book review of Think And Grow Rich will go over the BEST 10 IDEAS from Napoleon Hill's book. You might also consider getting the full book or audiobook for this – it’s killer!

Here are the best 10 ideas from “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

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1937 Napoleon Hill (over 30 Million copies sold)
SPECIAL NOTE: Napoleon Hill after he spent over 20 years spent researching the accomplishments and attributes of 500 of the most successful people in business.

The book sets out the 13 key principles for success as identified through this research.

1. Blueprint
BLUEPRINT: Everything is created twice. (iPhone/ computer/ your life)
EX: Think about a time in your life you thought through a BIG decision.
LOA: Think it then it happens — Touring in a band, Six figures
TAGR all about allowing yourself to think big. Create it first in your mind. Commit right now to not be brought down by the haters. Don’t let people bring your dreams down to their level. Keep that blueprint alive and you’ll succeed.

2. Obsession
How bad do you want it?
STORY: Eric Thomas tells in viral motivational speech: When you want to succeed as MUCH as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.

3. Demand
Best business advice I ever got: Don’t try to create a demand, try to solve one. ALL business you love fill a demand:
EX: UBER — solved problem taxis were bad experience and cost too much/ unreliable when you need them
EX: Instagram — picture worth 1,000 words. Cut all spam with text and links give us the goods!
EX: Snapchat — took it a step further and personal fun image texting!
EX: This Video You’re watching — fill the demand for MORE book knowledge with less Effort (why the last one got 100k views!)

4. Specialized Knowledge
Figure out your specialized Knowledge to fill a demand.General (school) vs. Specialized (personal study).Pays VERY well to know a LOT about a little.

5. On "Finding Your Passion"
Since I know a lot of you watching this. The BIGGEST question I get is “how do I find my passion” Simple answer? Figure out what you don’t love and fill in the gaps.

6. Act As If
There will be times we feel as if we’re not qualified for something. Whenever you want to do something BIG you’ve never done, you’re going to feel a level of imposter syndrome. Take Away: Always act as if you ARE what you’re doing. Align over time.

7. Organized Planning
Thought I would touch on chunking/goals. If the goal is too far out, discouraging. Make it NEAR to you. Cannot stress importance making goals NEAR you / breaking down into baby steps importance.

8. Big Breaks
Luck is when opportunity meets hard work.

9. Master Mind
You are AVG. of top 5 people hang around.
Get a group of people together for a specific purpose. EX: Group of men together in college. Small group. Accountability. Massive growth. aren’t going to tolerate you settling. Start living. Closed RST FB group.

10. Revisit Fundamentals

stop settling start living

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